Paying Jalen Brunson whatever it takes makes sense for the Mavericks

If the options come down to letting Jalen Brunson walk to the New York Knicks or overpay him, the answer is to overpay him

If Dallas is a serious organization with championship aspirations then the only recourse is to pay market value.

Even if the market is being set by Jalen’s dad and godfather.

A lucrative sign and trade to New York is not happening. It’s been detailed how difficult that is to do here,

but it’s worth repeating that a sign-and-trade is an extremely low probability given the Mavericks cap situation.

I’ve seen people posting potential sign-and-trades where the Knicks give the Mavericks good players and picks

. I feel safe predicting that this is not happening. With the Knicks clearing actual space there is no reason for them to do a sign and trade.