Here’s How to See Your ‘Spotify Pie Chart’ Google trending

Just like Spotify's end-of-the-year "Wrapped" feature, which offers customers an in depth assessment of the artists and song they listened to the maximum during a given year,

there may be a brand new function through a third-birthday birthday celebration corporation referred to as a "Spotify Pie Chart" — and we are going to provide an explanation for how you may view yours.

The new tool, created via way of means of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) scholar Darren Huang, gathers facts out of your tune intake on Spotify and creates a pie chart primarily based totally on it

All of the extraordinary shades at the chart constitute extraordinary genres, and there may be a legend beneath the chart so that you can see which colour corresponds with every genre.

It's now no longer truely positioned into rock and metallic phrases either — Huang truly blanketed a ton of various classes for the feature, from nu-metallic, to post-grunge, to album-rock, to Canadian metalcore and more.

Yes, Canadian metalcore refers to Spiritbox. Below the graph legend, the artists you pay attention to the maximum regularly might be indexed so as from pinnacle to bottom, and the font of the call receives smaller because it is going down

The specific component of the Spotify Pie Chart, rather than Spotify's very own official "Wrapped" feature, is that it may be up to date on a month-to-month basis. The internet site humorously says "Bake Your Monthly Genre Pie" under the title "Spotify Pie.

Users are then directed to go into their Spotify login information, in an effort to convey you to an settlement web page that requests get entry to to research your data. Once you agree, your pie chart can be generated.