Elon Musk wants to meet his Chinese lookalike, but has this fear in his mind

Tesla's CEO and the world's richest person, Elon Musk, remains in the center of constant discussion. Recently he also signed a deal to buy

After buying Twitter, he will also make many changes in it. But, today here we are talking about his Chinese lookalike.

First his video went viral on China's Tiktok Douyin. Where he was standing in front of a luxury car. This video came out in December last year.

When a Twitter user asked him about this, he said that he wants to meet his Chinese lookalike

If it's real then. He further said that due to deepfakes, it has become difficult to distinguish between real fake.

There is an account on TikTok with a mayilong0 username. It has more than 230,000 followers. On this account, Musk's Chinese lookalike has posted many videos.

In this, he has also posted his introduction video in which he is describing himself as the Elon Musk of China. Musk's Chinese lookalike is named Yi-long Musk...