3 Key Deals Oilers Can Make to Keep Evander Kane For Next Season

No player has been better than Connor McDavid in these 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. That said, perhaps no player has been hotter than Evander Kane.

Certainly, no player has scored more goals as he leads the playoffs with 12, two coming in the Game 4 win by the Edmonton Oilers over the Calgary Flames on Tuesday night

The tandem of McDavid and Kane has been nothing short of magical and the gamble (if you can call it that) Ken Holland made to acquire Kane has paid off in spades

Regardless of how these playoffs end for Edmonton, it’s less of a question now as to whether Holland wants to keep Kane, but more a legitimate question as to how the Oilers do it

With every goal Kane scores, his pending future contract gets pricier.

Deservedly so, as he’s been the hottest free agent signing and best NHL Trade Deadline acquisition this season.

He’s also been among the best goal scorers in the NHL since late January. That doesn’t mean a deal is out of the realm of possibility.